Travel to the unexpected Japan

A travel to Japan is one of the most unique experiences you can have: it is an amazing world, crazy, quirky and technological.

But there’s more to it, there is a deep, hidden, intimate soul that lies beneath the surface, and here I am, offering you a new way to discover this spiritual, quiet and touching dimension.
While there is a common understanding of Japan as the land of the spiritual achievement, I would like to propose you some more unbitten roads that I am sure will open the doors to a more genuine, authentic experience within Japan’s soul.
Stay with me, I will give you the keys to such a wander.

Travel Japan: the Silent North

Kudoji, the silent north

The northern part of Honshū 本州 is an often underestimated jewel. This is where I carried on my PhD researches and the majority of my fieldwork, therefore I am particularly fond of this place. The prefecture of Aomori 青森県 in particular is home to one of the most charming spiritual landscapes of the whole Japan, that is the Mt. Osore near Mutsu-shi. Mt. Osore (in Japanese Osore-zan 恐山 , literally Dread Mountain) is popular nationwide as the “Hell Mountain”, a place where the spirits of the dead dwell, where ghost storie resonates in the air, and where it is still possible to meet some itako, the blind shamans who invoke the souls of one’e deceased ancestor. The discovery of this region of Japan is an amazing suprise, a different take on the country culture. Here is the itinerary I suggest to enjoy the silent and magic atmosphere of the northern Honshu.


Travel Japan: the Shikoku Pilgrimage

Shikoku Pilgrimage

Pilgrimages, henro 遍路 in Japanese, are a very important part of Japan’s spiritual life. Among them, the Shikoku pilgrimage (Shikoku henro 四国遍路) is certainly one of the most renowned, given its length and scale: a tour of 88 temples that encircle the Shikoku island in Southern Japan, a spiritual experience follows in the footsteps of Kūkai 空海, founder of the buddhist sect of Shingon 真言宗. It is possible to accomplish the whole pilgrimage in one month, or to experience shorter journeys of about ten days each.


Travel Japan: follow the Way of the Kami

the way of the kami

We usually consider Shintoism as the indigenous religion of Japan; the thousands of kami that populate this tradition seems to represent the Japanese spirituality in its purer form, before the arrival of foreign religions such as Buddhism or Taoism. Yet, reality is much more complex than this, and Shinto tradition underwent significant modifications through the century, interacting creatively with other spiritual paths. Its philosophy and mythology are extremely charming and constitute a local treasure through rituals, practices, folklore, legends and ceremonies. I will lead you through some of the most significant places of Japanese most ancient tradition.


What kind of travel I propose

Taylor-made Journey

Japanese spirituality is a world waiting to be discovered, and I can suggest specific tours around the most significant places to fully understand and experience its inner soul. We can plan you travel any day of the year, for the duration you choose and according to your budget. Before your departure, we can have talk and select your preferred accommodations, your transportations, your activities and your sightseeing; after that I will prepare a personalized, handy guide for you, with all the important notes and steps of the way.

Small Group Tours

You can also be part of a small group, to visit Japan in specific, significant times of the year; I will recommend a maximum of 6, 7 people top, in order to keep the travel flexible, relaxed and agile. I will guide you, according to your pace and desires, through the spiritual landmarks of the archipelago, and the experience of the real Japan life.



Soul Travel in Tokyo

Tokyo Soul Travel

The sacred Mountain

Japan's Sacred Mountains

Summer Matsuri


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