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Japanese religions facts: who are the itako shamans?

Japanese religions are an interesting topics, being so rich in variations and local traditions; I know, I already discussed this topic plenty, but honestly I think I didn't quite give you a proper introduction...

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rural Japan Travel tips: visit Hirosaki in Aomori prefecture
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Japan travel ideas: discover Hirosaki

If you are eager to discover some different itineraries in Japan and to travel in different regions, you should have a look at these few pictures. I confess, I fell in love with this...

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Japanese religion facts: Ancestors worship in Japan

Among the most significant religions facts in Japan, we must recognize a particular care when dealing with one's deceased relative. It's a very intimate and delicate moment, and it requires a lot of attention...

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5 ideas to travel in Japan off the beaten track
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Japan travel tips: 5 paths to a different Japan

When you plan your trip to Japan, you usually start with the biggest cities, the popular spots, all those places you just can't miss when you visit the country. Yes, coming to Japan and...

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