I will guide you through your Japan

Japan Soul Traveler is based on my experience on Japanese culture and society, and wants to push a new kind of travels through knowledge, consciousness and deeper appreciation of cultural diversity.

Iā€™m prepared, passionate and completely in love with my work. I spent the last eight years improving my expertise about cultural anthropology, Japanese culture and religions, and one of the most intriguing languages I ever approached!

I'm an expert about Japanese culture

I finally obtained my PhD in Far East studies, after a two-year fieldwork researching Japanese shamanism in the North Tohoku. It has been one of the best experiences of my all life, and it allowed me to obtain a deeper comprehension of Japan and its people. Beside Tokyo, I have been traveling all around the country (almost!) so I am pretty confident when I say I could lead you through Japan without any problems! I am Italian, I speak English, French, I’ve been studying Japanese for the past nine years with several courses in Japanese schools.

My focus: Spiritual and Folklore Travels around Japan

Japan Soul Travel is a niche travel blog, dedicated to Japan curiouses and enthusiasts who wish to discover different aspects of this amazing culture. In my offer, I will always keep an eye on a more “anthropological” attitude to travel, encouraging a deeper understanding of an often misunderstood reality.

Explore Japan on your terms

The perfect taylor-made experience in Japan

I will suggest you specific ways to fall in love with this amazing country, with care for the local communities and traditions. While you can request the classic touristic visit, I will offer you a different take, and I will try to turn your vacation into a discovery.

Cultural guide in Japan

Once you have booked the flight, I can help you plan your itinerary and I can guide you personally through the wanders of Japan. Be it for your entire trip or for only a few specific steps, I can offer you direct assistance and help you understand a different Japan, its spirituality and its cultural treasures.

My aim is to help you experience a Japan like you never imagined, to enrich your adventure and to return home with a new treasure.

Organize and plan your travel to Japan

Once you have booked the flight, I can help you decide the best itinerary for you passions, your interests, and your dream experience in Japan.
We can work together via email or via Skype, and I can help you find hotels, organize the steps and the different visit for your trip; I can give you specific suggestions based on the season you are traveling, what to bring with you, what places to avoid, or what you definitely can not miss.

Coaching about Japan, its culture and its language

I am ready to share the knowledge I obtained through the years, and I can help you better understand this country, whether you want to visit it for pleasure, you have to go for a business trip, or you have to move there (for your own personal reasons!). I can help you understand some basic truth about this crazy country, and some important aspects of its fantastic culture.

Finally, I can also be helpful in these ways

  • Freelance Writing and Writing collaboration
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Press Trip Coverage
  • Public Speaking and presentations

So, are you ready to travel to Japan? Do you want to know more about Japanese culture?

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