Discovering a different Japan

A personal matter

It has been quite hard for me to decide and write these pages. Writing about Japan is not only a travel journal or the record of an adventure. It is an intimate action, a gesture of baring my soul and most private self.

It is the result, and evaluation, of eight years of travel, work, research, love and struggle. It is me. It me in the most sensitive and emotional spot. And it is very hard to describe such a spot. Because I love it deeply, and I crave for everyone to do the same, because I don’t want to think of anyone who wouldn’t be intrigued by it, and because I’d want to share with everyone, with you, the deepest emotions it gave me.

What will you find in Japan Soul Traveler

An intimate, secret Japan - and its amazing culture

You will find my experience and my expertise. Why should it matter to anyone of you? I hope, first of all, because you feel some sort of fascination for this amazing country, for its magics and weirdness, and for its hidden treasures. More important, you will find a new point of view, a new set of lenses through which I hope you will be able to get in touch with the soul of Japan.

Japan travel tips

Japan as I experienced and loved it, far from every clichè or commonplace surrounding this country. I want to offer you a whole new universe of places, faces, smells, sounds and meanings offering amazing and inspiring visions. In particular you will find my research on blind female shamans called itako, today popular in Japan for their rituals of communication with the dead; to find out more about it, I suggest you start from here.

Japanese culture facts

Aside from the more emotional experience, you will find tips and tricks about the Japanese culture, too often misunderstood. Here all the knowledge I gathered in these years will prove useful, and I will try to propose different topics such as religions, spirituality, history, folklore, ecc.. under a new light.

Anthropology - and lots of pics

Yes, you knew it was coming. I will also share some inspiring consideration about this amazing discipline, too often forgotten, and the reasons why I think it can be an incredible tools to see the world with new eyes. And pictures and video; because some emotion can be properly conveyed only by the visual material. Because sometimes an image is more powerful than a thousand words.

Get inspired with Japan Soul Travels

These travel ideas are the real result of my experience, the experience that really will set you in a different Japan. I will offer you some different paths among which you could choose the closer to you feelings and your desires. I will give you some initial tips, and if you decide so, I will help you plan your whole, unique experience.

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