What to do and where to go in Hiroshima Japan
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#5 things to do in Hiroshima

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What to do in Hiroshima?

Hi, and welcome back! Today we go back to Hiroshima, because I think the city is a lovely place to explore even beyond the Memorial Peace Museum.

#5 things to do in Hiroshima

1. Visit the Peace Memorial Park and Museum

Yes, I begin with the obvious choice: this is a real duty for everyone, because it shows the terrible and immense dangers that humanity keep forgetting.

2. Eat okonomiyaki

Should I say more? For those who still thing that Japanese food equals sushi and sushi only, I would suggest to find a small restaurant in Hiroshima (or Miyajima): they will cook you the local okonomiyaki, and you will enter a different world.

3. Discover Hiroshima castle

While this is not the most famous castle in Japan, is interesting to see the contrast with the modern city and the tragic past in this area completely rebuilt after the war.

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4. Visit the Mazda Museum

While Toyota is probably the most popular car company in Europe (at least in Italy), Mazda is a fun sport car company that I used to appreciate quite a bit, and it’s from Hiroshima! You can visit the museum, with the more historical parts and the analysis of the complete production process!

5. Relax in the Shukkeien Koen

Small portion of paradise, with bamboo and water: I would suggest you go there after the Peace Memorial museum and park, because it is the perfect atmosphere to sooth your spirit.

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