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Illustrating Japan | Jizo Bosatsu in Watercolor

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Happy new year to all of you!
I hope this 2019 began with energy and peace. Today I share with you something different, that involves paper, pencils, watercolors and off course Japan!

Illustrating Japan

For this new beginning, I decided to try a new project, something that would bring together my past experience as an illustrator and my never-ending love for Japan in order to chat about this Country (and its culture) from a different angle.
Giappone su Carta (“Japan on Paper”) is therefore a new experiment to put together culture and illustration, and today we begin with Jizo Bosatsu, one of the most beloved and cherished figures in the Buddhist pantheon: but who is he? And why is he so popular in Japan?

Let me know what you think in the comment section!

*for the illustration, I used Windsor & Newton watercolors

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