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Japan travel Vlog: Tokyo, Ueno and Harajuku

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I did it again, a short Japan travel vlog: I escaped to Tokyo for one day, and I went back to some lovely neighborhood. Yes, again, they are very popular and crowded, and touristic, bla bla bla… Yet, there are some beautiful places, especially in Ueno, where you can actually enjoy the local life.

Tokyo Vlog – Ueno, Harajuku

Accidentally these are two very different neighborhoods, and they will offer a pretty intense idea of how much Tokyo can change from one place to the other, and how much this city can offer, in terms of landscapes, food, entertainments and atmosphere.

Despite the touristic characters of both these two areas, they really are great place to start explore the city and have a small taste of its history and everyday habits.

For more details on these two neighborhoods, you can have a look at the following websites:


10 free things to do in Ueno, by Tokyo Cheapo

Ueno walking tour, by Tokyo Cheapo


Brief intro to Harajuki, by

10 free things to do in Harajuku, by Tokyo Cheapo

More about Tokyo?

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So here you go, enjoy the walk and let me know what you think!

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