Nipponbashi Matsuri 2017

JST at Nipponbashi Matsuri 2017

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Well, I am excited to announce that JST will be at Nipponbashi Matsuri 2017, a popular festival held every year in Treviso by the Japanese Cultural Association Nipponbashi. This year the main theme is ghosts and spirits, and I will introduce the topic in two different moments…

The conference

On Saturday July 1st, around 8pm, there will be a brief chitchat about ghosts, spirits, ancestors and kami in the traditional Japanese worldview. Here the link for the small conference

The documentary

The following day, sunday July 2nd, we will screen the documentary ITAKO :: VISIONS (for those of you who don’t know what’s all about, have a brief look here), around 3pm, with a following moment to exchange opinions and experiences.

For more information about the Matsuri and the events, have a look here – the Facebook page with all the updates!

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