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Japanese culture videos: Japan Soul Travel now on Youtube

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Japanese culture is full of interesting topic, traditions and customs that are very useful when you decide to plan a trip to Japan. So, I prepared a few videos on Youtube, to talk about Japanese traditions and religions, japanese language for beginners, and also how to organize the travel to Japan, where to go and what to visit in Tokyo or Kyoto etc.

I need your feedback, though, to know what are the things you are most interested in, and what che I improve to offer you the best solutions to travel Japan.

After the screening of the documentary ITAKO :: VISIONS, I realized we had tons of material worth to be shown to the world, so here it comes, Japan Soul Travel on Youtube… well, it’s just the beginning, as you will see, there are just the first video, but we are working to enrich the library and the playlist in order to give you the most amazing experience about Japanese spirituality and culture.

What will you find on the channel, then? Well, the idea is to offer some insight in the amazing experience that is the travel through Japan’s spiritual paths. Small glimpse into a different world. We are also thinking about some more educational videos about Japan’s mythology, Japan’s most important religions, or most famous spiritual spots… let’s see if we can deliver that!

Stay tuned, and follow the channel, we will do our best to keep up with new video regularly!


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