First time in Yokohama
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Memories of Yokohama

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My first time in Yokohama was a success; I loved the city, the very different landscapes that it offers and the multiple atmospheres you can enjoy. Plus, it’s so close to Tokyo that you can add it to your schedule for a short day-trip on the coast. So, I prepared a short gallery to share with you this lovely spot in Japan, in case you are thinking about adding some more adventure to your trip.

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5 Top Destinations to Practice Your Japanese
Guest post

5 Top Destinations to Practice Your Japanese | Guest Post

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Good morning everyone! My Japanese adventures are still going on, and in the next days I will post some new glances about Tokyo life and craziness, BUT today I am so happy to share with you a guest article by Sean Hopwood, founder of Day Translation, Inc.

Here you have his top five locations to practice your Japanese – in Japan of course! Enjoy!

Cover photo by Banglu Cheng on Unsplash

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My must-see places in Tokyo
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My must-see places in Tokyo

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I have to admit it, I love Tokyo. A piece of my heart is still there and I can’t wait to be back. A lot of people tend to picture Tokyo as a modern monster, a jumble of skyscrapers, giant screens and strange people walking around. It has giant skyscrapers, billboards and strange people, of course; but there is so much more to it, and such a variety of landscapes that it is hard (and extremely wrong) to shrink it to one common stereotype.

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A non-tourist guide to Tokyo Restaurants
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A non-tourist guide to Tokyo restaurants

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I am sure you will have read tons of information about Tokyo restaurants and bars, and I am also sure you will have some specific expectation while looking for a dinner in glamourous Tokyo; of course, I am a big fan of the various kaidan-zushi spread around the city, and I can still swear that my best sushi sushi experience was in Japan BUT here I would like to suggest you some of my favourite place to dine around the city, both traditional and western style, that only locals know!

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