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Meeting an Itako: Aoyama-san

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After the first meeting with Nakamura-san, I knew I had to meet more itako in order to have a better understanding of their activity, their life and their world. Since today there are very few itako (probably not even ten) I had to patiently call the phone numbers I had, hoping some of these ladies would agree to meet with me. After a long search and some rejections, I could convince two of them to have an interview with me; one of them is Aoyama-san, an eighty-year-old lady living with her husband in Tsugaru.

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Japanese cosmogony
Guest post

Japanese cosmogony | part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I have the pleasure to introduce you a guest post by Sakura Miko, mangaka, founder and managing editor at Sakura Magazine, an italian portal dedicate to Japan, operating since 2009. Her blog offer a mixture of myths, legends, literature and language, and will open you a delightful window on the land of the Raising Sun. I am glad to offer you today the first part of an article about Japanese Cosmogony, enjoy! 

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