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A non-tourist guide to Tokyo Restaurants
Culture tips

A non-tourist guide to Tokyo restaurants

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I am sure you will have read tons of information about Tokyo restaurants and bars, and I am also sure you will have some specific expectation while looking for a dinner in glamourous Tokyo; of course, I am a big fan of the various kaidan-zushi spread around the city, and I can still swear that my best sushi sushi experience was in Japan BUT here I would like to suggest you some of my favourite place to dine around the city, both traditional and western style, that only locals know!

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Religion in Japan
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Religion in Japan – a brief Intro

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Concerning Japan, the term, shūkyō 宗教 (religion) has a very complex history, which is closely connected with the relationship between modern Japan and the West. Before the encounter with the western colonial powers, different terms were commonly employed, such as o michi  道, (via, way, system, as in, Shintō, “The way of the Gods”), while we have no proper equivalent for the European and American notion of religion, nor the aristotelic logic that led to the non-contraddiction principle: therefore, rather than interpret different thought systems as irreconciliable, such background favoured the compromise, the similarities and the shared elements.

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