Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition in Tokyo
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Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition, Tokyo

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The popularity of comic book superheroes is currently at its peak. With the thriving box-office success of superhero films, it seems that the global recognition of these fascinating super beings will continue to be dominant for some time.

Superhero films

If superhero films were to be ranked in terms of commercial achievement, Box Office Mojo notes that 2012 Marvel’s The Avengers is still the highest grossing superhero movie of all time. Close behind are films like 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2013 Iron Man 3, and 2016 Captain America: Civil War which have all raked in lucrative business that has each amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a testament to the Marvel franchise that its characters have become a significant piece of pop culture. These numbers also indicate that there will always be an audience and market for this form of entertainment.

Around the world, comic book fandom has been expressed and exhibited through different shapes and sizes. Consequently, the bar has been set pretty high as far as paying homage to some of the world’s most popular characters in fiction goes. As Japan is a haven for comic book culture, the Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition found the perfect setting at Mori Tower’s 52nd-floor observation area in Tokyo to gather Marvel fans. The exhibit ran from April 7 to June 25, 2017 and featured more than 200 pieces of unique Marvel memorabilia including movie props and costumes. The experience was quite unique as Japan Today reported that at the entrance to the exhibition area, fans were met by a towering five-metre statue of Iron Man. The history of the famous characters was presented in great detail through a number of displays. Aside from the different sections of the exhibit that featured various stages of Marvel’s history, guests were treated to an extraordinary dining experience. The Marvel Café served up guests with very special dishes and one of them was the Mighty Thor burger with buns that shared the same colour of the god of Thunder’s crimson cape. For drinks, the Bruce Banner Banana & Hulk Green Smoothie was served to quench the thirst of Marvel guests.

These are indeed exciting times for any Marvel fan as it seems the opportunities to immerse oneself in the comic book universe are varied now more than ever. When you look at the virtual reality scene, the Marvel brand continues to maximise technology more and more to give comic book fans a unique comic book-gaming experience. Adage revealed that during the Avenger: Age of Ultron film launch, Samsung and Marvel teamed up to create a film and mobile campaign wherein the viewer finds himself/herself fulfilling an Avenger mission in virtual reality gameplay. In the online gaming landscape, entertainment portal Slingo through the slots game Black Widow has adopted a different approach in terms of creating an immersive superhero-themed gaming experience. While it may not be apparent at first, Black Widow’s gameplay features a mysterious female lead that shares a striking resemblance with actress Scarlett Johansson. Johansson is best known for her role as Black Widow and players of this particular game are able to appreciate just how far and wide Marvel’s prominent reach has become. Additionally, this further validates that Marvel characters are iconic in influence and appeal, and how they influence almost every form of modern entertainment.

As we all wait for upcoming Marvel flicks like Black Panther (set for a Feb 16, 2018 release) and Avengers: Infinity War (set for a May 4 2018 release), fans around the world couldn’t be happier that Newsrama reports that the Marvel universe will be churning out superhero films up to 2021 and beyond.

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